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Flow: Appophyllite Crystal #101



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Laid back vibes and mental clarity. Thanks to its high water content, this stone reminds us that even when we feel stuck or frozen that there is always a flow sitting beneath the surface we can tap into. This stone is all about becoming enlightened to ourselves, bringing actionable energy to leave our baggage behind so we can fly high without the excess weight we’ve been clinging to.

Apophyllite is a crystal of high vibration that uplifts your spirit and energizes you spiritually and psychologically. This stone is said to be the embodiment of the power of the noble helper, union of male and female energies, and symbol of the Soul Star’s power.
Crystal clusters are often used to harmonize the energies within rooms, or even entire buildings. Multiple crystals sharing one base tend to amplify one another’s energy, so the energetic potential for a crystal cluster is much greater than the sum of the energetic potential of the individual crystals in the cluster.
Included with the crystal is a cute business card, double-sided, with information and healing properties.


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